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have you ever known somebody so shitty they completely ruin that first name for you?


it’s actually embarrassing how much i care about having access to internet 24/7

Kim Woo Bin - We Are Young microfilm



my dick is itchy I think i have herpes



Die Jungs DVD - Yixing

(ノTT)ノ ^┻━┻


kyung: *listening 2 the bts trailer*
zico: o ok
zico: no thats fine
zico: no i mean if u love bts so much why dont u go rap with em b a bulletproof boyscout that would b cool i mean if u want a fedora enthusiast 2 lead u thats aight thats fine im just sayin namjoon doin this fashion thing bein ugly havin thick lips liking anime he thinks he me he thinks he Zico Lite® but nah its fine u want ur Diet Zico i understand ur watching ya figure
zico: its fine 

jaetokki trying to throw some shade but ending up being cute heh.

that hair

exo colorings.

alright, kookie…

how low can you go?

Who Wants Waffurs?
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